Follow Up

Smiley followup 90Do you need more help, after the initial consultation or the Smiley Month? Do you want to discuss a new symptom or are you going through a tough time at work or in life where renewed nutritional support is required?

Maybe we are working over a longer timeframe. Depending on what we are looking to do, it might be best to build a long-term relationship where advice and motivation are spread over a few months.

During follow-up consultations you are asked to rate progress, we discuss challenges and we together decide on new aims and modify your dietary and lifestyle plans if needed.

Meaningful long-lasting change can take time and Smiley is here to support you. I know good habits are hard to form and maintain and life is made of ups and downs. Don’t be too hard on yourself, a solution can always be found!

Follow up consultations last 45 minutes to one hour. Fill in the contact form below.

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