Initial Consultation

Smiley consultation 90During an initial consultation, we take the time to go through any small or big worry you might have. Using a proven functional medicine methodology, we identify areas of focus and develop a practical plan of action which might include functional testing, dietary and lifestyle adjustments and specific supplements if needed.

You keep control of the process and choose how much change you want to implement. If you then decide you need greater focus and want to go more in depth, you can choose to subscribe to the Smiley Month.

Better nutrition will have a positive impact on many aspects of your body and mind. Depending on the issues we are looking to address, it might contribute to more energy and vitality, more habitual bowel movements, clearer skin, a more regular period, stronger immunity, better sleep and much more.

Click here if you want to read more about my views on nutrition. Fill in the contact form below or email me at luca @ smiley-nutrition.com and let’s have a free 15-20 minutes Skype or Facebook video call. Or book an initial consultation for GBP 90 payable via PayPal or card.

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