80% of what we’ll do is based on the latest scientific research. 20% on traditional medicine and common sense derived from decades, or centuries of practice. What science and tradition teach us, can only be lived and applied through the awareness of our own senses.

Understanding what is good and nourishing for you is what we are here to do. Intellectually but also experientially.

We use a functional medicine methodology for up to 1.5 hours during the initial consultation. This leads to the unveiling of specific antecedents, triggers and mediators and the development of naturopathic aims and tailored nutritional and lifestyle plans, directly agreed with you and aimed at supporting specific and general aspects of your life.

You are in the driving seat, and will decide what you can do and how quickly or slowly you want to implement change.

On follow up consultations you are asked to rate progress, we discuss challenges and we together decide on new steps.

Leave behind the dietician approach of counting grams and calories. Learn what real food is and you’ll know the difference. Enjoy eating wholesome food in good portions. Once you learned what your body needs and likes, you will soon start feeling great again.