Smiley Month

“The greatest thing in this world is not so much where we stand as in what direction we are moving.”  J.W. von Goethe

Many successful professionals are living a work-hard-play-hard lifestyle which involves long hours in the office followed by social commitments and entertainment. This burning the candle at both ends can be very exciting and fulfilling. It can also put a lot of pressure on your body and mind, taking so much time that inevitably leaves health as an afterthought.

Over time, this might contribute to unbalance and mounting stress which, if left unchecked, could have a progressively stronger impact on your wellbeing. Another common problem of living life in the fast lane is a lack of focus on balanced nutrition. If you know your diet is OK but could be better, you often eat out, have no time to cook or look after yourself with regular nutritious meals and your body is showing the signs of disconnect, it is time to love yourself a little bit more.


Programme outline

The Smiley Month is a 4-week long programme aimed at making you detox and relax while putting you on the path of sustained, long-term health & wellbeing. It includes:

  • 3 video call consultations, from the tranquillity of your home. You can also email me freely throughout the month.
  • Tailored food and dietary programme – Let’s work together on a whole food balanced nutrition plan.
  • Recipe ideas and rational shopping – Build an effective strategy around food that keeps you healthy & saves you time.
  • Stress management – Learn relaxation tools to help you unwind and reconnect.
  • Documentaries and videos, websites and books – Inspire yourself into a more fitting lifestyle for sustained health & wellbeing.

The Smiley Month is a flexible structure composed of 2 different parts

We talk for up to 1.5 hours and discuss your health across all your body systems. Are you tired, do you get headaches or other ailments? How is your digestion?

We look at your health history, current diet and lifestyle to build a very good picture of your situation right now.

We then focus on your schedule and plan the next 2 weeks. You are encouraged to spend more time at home unwinding and relaxing, reconnecting with yourself. This includes introducing more nutritiously balanced meals and giving up on the types of food you don’t do well with. It is also an opportunity to learn about cooking, carrying out rational shopping and learning relaxation techniques that will always be useful should the level of stress, for whatever reason, increase.

I won’t push you to do anything you don’t feel or want to do. Depending on your circumstances, we together, decide what is best for you right now.

We have a second consultation where you have the opportunity to share what worked well and what was particularly challenging. We also look at perfecting your diet and I might devise additional recommendations. You can now return to your weekly schedule and usual lifestyle.

I do however suggest you keep some of the new learnings and incorporate them into your routine. I also provide you with more resources, to inspire you into change towards a sustained, more balanced lifestyle. Depending on your passions and unique predispositions, you might want to try something new and stimulating, maybe zoomba or a class in the gym, salsa dancing and walking groups or yoga.

At the end of the Smiley Month, we have a final consultation. This is a second opportunity for us to discuss what worked well and what needs more focus.



You might feel lighter, energised, full of confidence and you’ll notice improvements in your general physical and mental wellbeing. You will have learnt new skills around nutrition and relaxation, introduced some positive changes in your lifestyle and might want to organise a small dinner party, cook some beautiful, healthy food for 1 or 2 friends and celebrate the end of a great experience.

The feel for a journey, a holiday, to learn about food and yourself. Leave the artificial, monotonous mundanity of commercial packaged food and dip yourself into the wholesomeness of real food. Experience what is amazingly nourishing for a month and see how you feel after it. It’s fun and challenging and overall a great experience well worth your attention for a month, or more, you never know, you might just love it!

Take a rest for 4 weeks, a vacation from triphosphate, guar gum and aspartame, a break from refined vegetable oils, processed meat, E numbers, industrial yeasts and preservatives.

Let your taste buds and olfactory system recover, relax the gut and boost your energy. Learn again how it feels to be nourished!!! Love your home, your bath, your bed, rediscover your kitchen with all its beautiful curves and angles. The pleasure of living.

Be inspired into change and personal growth. Give it a go, it’s only one month in 960! Email me at luca @ to book the Smiley Month now! Or let’s have a free 20 minutes initial video call.